Engineer students at Ruskin 1906

Ruskin Engineers 1906
Engineers at Ruskin 1906
Back of the postcard of the 1906 Engineers
Back of the postcard of the 1906 Engineers

The custom was for photographs to be taken of students organised on the basis of their union. In the early years funding was primarily provided by unions.

The photograph is in the form of a postcard. It pictures a group of engineers who were Ruskin students in 1906 (as stated on the reverse) and were presumably members of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers (ASE). This is perhaps one of the earliest photos of a group of Ruskin students, predating as it does, the move of the college to the Walton Street building. The postcard was won on eBay by Paul Martin for a couple of pounds.

Paul Martin

30/10/2013 at 11:50 pm

One thought on “Engineer students at Ruskin 1906

  1. Paul Martin

    Oddly enough two years after this original post, I have come across a different version of this postcard. This time in black and white rather than sepia tone. Unfortunately I no longer have a scanner that works so I cannot upload it. It is exactly the same photograph as the postcard above but set on a white background and with the names of the men ilistd down one side. Although it doesn’t give Christian names and say who is who, it does include the ASE branch each member belonged to. The list reads:

    G.Henderson (Barrow 3rd); D. Tait (Pollokshaws); W.H. Jennings (Swindon 4th); F. Stewart (Dennistown); J. Arnott (Middlesbro’); J.S. Taylor (Glasgow 5th); A.H. Owen (Crewe 4th); A. Rodgers (Pollokshaws); J. Smyth (Jarrow) .

    What were the chances of that second card turning up!

    Paul Martin


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