Coker, Ed

First name/s: Edward
Last name: Coker
Known names / nicknames: Ed
Date of birth:
Year of birth: 1929

Life before Ruskin

Date and place of birth:  1929 London [East End]

Family: Mother & Father!

Work: Optical framemaker; engineer [cash registers, accounting machines, etc]

Politics/Trade union activity:

AEU member; Labour Party member, West Oxon District Councillor, Witney Town Councillor.

Trade Union membership (at time of entry to Ruskin) ~ other Trade Union

Life at Ruskin

Dates at Ruskin: 1957/59

Source of funding:  Cassel Scholarship [open to all WEA members]

Campaigns/political activity: Labour Party; CND

Subjects studied at Ruskin: Economics and Political Science [University Diploma]

Dissertation: None


Life after Ruskin

Education: PPE degree at Oxford

Work: Research at Nuffield College for Royal Commission on Trade Unions and Employers Associations; 2 Years teaching trade union courses at Slough College; thereafter 31 years teaching trade union courses for Oxford University, 2 years of which in Kent [Coal miners and other unionists] the rest in Oxford [motor industry and other unionists] Also developing programmes for Overseas Trade Unionists and Labour Officers.  Founding Fellow of  Kellogg College Oxford, Retired 1995, now Emeritus Fellow,  .

Politics/trade union activity:


Place & date of death: Witney on 29/11/18

Date of death: 29/11/2018
Year of death: 2018

Achievements / Publications


Material in archives or already published articles


Notes on Image/s

Ruskin students  1957 -9

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Ed Coker

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