Photo of student farewell 1981

Student farewell photo taken at Walton Street 1981

Student farewell photo taken at Walton Street 1981


This is an image of Julie Taylor and Ken Oldfield who obtained the Certificate Qualification in Social Work CQSW and the Diploma in Applied Social Studies. John Hughes was principal at this time. Julie writes ,’The photograph was taken at the Walton Street site and looking from left to right, focus on the front row, person 3rd from the¬†right wearing a Blue cardigan, Blue and white striped tee shirt and jeans.Count 3 rows directly above this person and this is me, looking up into the sky!¬† On my left is Ken Oldfield. ‘





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3 thoughts on “Photo of student farewell 1981

  1. Jackie Favarin

    I can remember quite a few of those in the photo – certainly the staff:

    Seated on the ground:
    Sue Hearne, Barbara Mowbray, Maureen Mangan, Karen Price, Walter Kendall, Tony Brierley
    Seated on chairs:
    Eddie Alexander, Stephanie Peck, ??, ??, Maggie Dunn, Bill Conboy (Vice-Principal), Kath Wignall, Cathy Beresford, Bill Cooke, Jessie Vincent, Victor Treadwell, Brian Spittles
    1st row standing I only know two for sure: white top above Bill Conboy: Alan Moir; far right: me.
    2nd row standing: 2nd from end on the right: David Dore; far right: David Horsfield
    Top row: 1st left Alan Shepherd, near the middle (much lower than others): Eric Borrer, 2nd from end on the right: Glynis Lapage, far right Trevor (Winfield ?).

    1. Hilda Kean Post author

      Thanks, Jackie! Do forward us photos if you have them. Your excellent memory always was appreciated – and still is!

      Hilda Kean


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