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Ruskin students 1984 -6 at Ruskin Hall

I hope the attached photo is of interest. It shows some of the Ruskin College 1984 intake (studying 1984-86), and some of the kind Ruskin Hall kitchen and housekeeping staff. John Hughes, the then Principal, can be glimpsed in the back row (centre right). The photo was taken at Headington in front of Bowen House […]


  The Ruskin Hall Fraternal League was founded in March 1900 as way for ex-students to keep in touch with each other. This is a picture of the first page of its first newsletter which was published in the college magazine, Young Oxford, in October 1900. The picture is of the Treasurer Teddy Traynor, President […]

Gordon Malpass end of summer school student show

These seem to be  4 page  script of an end of Summer School performance  entitled ‘ The Raw Deal or a Process of Maturation’. It seems to include the names of student performers including Gordon Malpass, Charles Butler,Henry Collins, Ernest Best, G.Brown, John Goodwin. There are also choruses from miners and female students. Further details […]

Gordon Malpass and the class of 1962 / 3

These items are submitted by Sheridan Malpass,Gordon’s daughter. Note the signatures of the football team written on their jerseys. They seem to read: Front row: Gordon Malpass, Terence Harrison, Peter Reith,Jan H ? , Peter Shaw Back row: Reif Connell?, ? Connelly,Mike Haywood,David Hawley, Bill Niven, Graham ? Accurate names will be very welcome! Also […]

Photo of student farewell 1981

This is an image of Julie Taylor and Ken Oldfield who obtained the Certificate Qualification in Social Work CQSW and the Diploma in Applied Social Studies. John Hughes was principal at this time. Julie writes ,’The photograph was taken at the Walton Street site and looking from left to right, focus on the front row, […]