End of year marks, 1963

JED Ruskin end of year marks 1963

John Donaldson’s end of year marks, 1963

04/07/2014 at 12:21 pm

One thought on “End of year marks, 1963

  1. Anne Lumb

    Hi my father Edward Lumb was a miner who left school at 14 with no qualifications working in Pits Rossington nr Doncaster , when he was awarded Trade Union Scholarship to study at Ruskin -I think 1962/3 -he was a student when I was born in 1962 , awarded Diploma in Economics and Politics after 2 years study and went on to become a Lecturer in Business Studies .I have photos of him in his college room with fellow students and letters he wrote to his family from the time.
    I am both interested in submitting material and also finding out more about his time at Ruskin if this information exists . Attending Ruskin College radically changed his and all our lives and subsequent opportunities , and I know meant a lot to him, so I am interested to understand more about the Colleges history .


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