Pointer, Joseph

First name/s: Joseph
Last name: Pointer
Known names / nicknames:
Date of birth:
Year of birth: 0

Life before Ruskin

Date and place of birth:  1875 or 1876, Sheffield


Work: Pattern Cutter

Politics/Trade union activity: Member of ILP and of Patternmakers Society

Trade Union membership (at time of entry to Ruskin)

Life at Ruskin

Dates at Ruskin: 1900-1901 (six months)

Source of funding: Unknown, possibly a ‘working’ student, receiving board and tuition for work in the office or garden.

Campaigns/political activity:

Subjects studied at Ruskin:  Standard syllabus

Dissertation: N/A

Qualification: N/A

Life after Ruskin


Work: Pattern Maker, but according to one source lost job after a strike.  In 1909 elected as MP for Sheffield Attercliffe

Politics/trade union activity:  Member of ILP and Patternmakers Society.  The Patternmakers funded his election campaign in 1909.

Family: unknown

Place & date of death: Sheffield, 1914

Date of death:
Year of death: 1914

Achievements / Publications

1908 Elected to Sheffield City Council as Labour member for Brightside

1909 Elected to Parliament as Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside and retained the seat until his death in 1915.  Was a Labour Whip.

He was on the Plebs League Committee (listed in The Plebs, 1.8, Sept 1909, p 175)


Material in archives or already published articles

Sheffield City archives have published a pdf history of the 1909 Attercliffe election.The link is:

The Storm of Politics, an unsourced web publication about Sheffield political notables has a section on Joseph Pointer.


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