Ruskin intake 1962 – group photograph

Group photograph, 1962 (with thanks to John Donaldson)

Ruskin intake 1962_Page_1Ruskin intake 1962_Page_2

04/07/2014 at 11:49 am

3 thoughts on “Ruskin intake 1962 – group photograph

  1. Sheridan Sharpe (nee Malpass)

    My dad (Gordon Malpass )is on the photo on the left .He is on the left second row standing behind the lady sat with white coat. I have this picture at home. What a handsome bunch.

  2. Roger Why

    Seventh from the right on the bottom row is my future wife, then Carol Robbins. She later became Jack Swain’s secretary which is when I met her. The group photo was an annual event in Billy Hughes’ time. Is there anyone out there who might still have a copy of other year’s photographs? It would be a great way of jogging aging memories.


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