Clancy, John Brian

First name/s: John Brian
Last name: Clancy
Known names / nicknames: Jack
Date of birth: 10/09/1937
Year of birth: 1937

Life before Ruskin

Date and place of birth: Bolsover, Derbyshire


Work: Mining – my grandfather was a miner in the South Welsh Rhondda valley area
who came up to North East Derbyshire for work and settled there

Politics/Trade union activity: Involved in National Union Mineworkers, striking miner in 1970s strikes of 1972 and 1974

Trade Union membership (at time of entry to Ruskin) NUM

Life at Ruskin

Dates at Ruskin: 1974-1976

Source of funding: scholarship – not sure, Sheffield University?

Campaigns/political activity: My dad was a musician and political activist and charity worker for NSPCC and Oxfam

Subjects studied at Ruskin: CQSW in Social Work



Life after Ruskin


Work: Social Worker – Chesterfield area

Politics/trade union activity:

Family: Wife – Pauline, Sharon (daughter) and Jeremy (son)

Place & date of death:

Date of death:
Year of death: 0

Achievements / Publications

Many – but no publications. His achievements have been musical and social.

Material in archives or already published articles


Notes on Image/s

Comment of contributor/s and sources

I am John Clancy’s daughter, Sharon. My father is dying, with Lewy Bodies Dementia. Before he became very ill I interviewed and recorded him on his memories of Ruskin – all of which I have as audio files – and we came for a visit to Ruskin, to the Walton Street site and stayed at the visitors accommodation in the grounds of the Headington campus – this was in July 2011. It was a massively poignant and important experience for us both. He was able to see his old room at Walton Street again and we were both catapulted back 40 or so years, as I stayed with him there as a small girl.


Sharon Clancy

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