Thompson, Marie

First name/s: Marie
Last name: Thompson
Known names / nicknames:
Date of birth: 12/03/1933
Year of birth: 1933

Life before Ruskin

Date and place of birth: March 12, 1933, Wortley, Leeds, Yorkshire

Family: Father – Edwin Lawton 1879 – 1952 – Farm worker, Clerk, Commercial Traveller for Shoddy Manufacturer; Mother – Edith Hilda Lawton (nee Meek) 1886 – 1967, Dressmaker/tailoress, Housewife

Work: Orthopaedic Nurse, Housewife/Mother, Pottery Technician, Pottery Instructor, Craft Instructor (Social Services)

Politics/Trade union activity: Labour Party, Labour City Councillor (Cambridge), including Chair of Housing Committe and Community Services Committe 1986-94, NALGO (Unison Life Member)

Trade Union membership (at time of entry to Ruskin) ~ other Trade Union

Life at Ruskin

Dates at Ruskin: 1993-1996

Source of funding: Partial State Grant

Campaigns/political activity: Labour Group Chair ( 1 term); Labour Party Local Election Campaigns – Oxford and Cambridge

Subjects studied at Ruskin: 1993-94 First Women’s Studies Diploma; 1994-96 First Women’s Studies MA

Dissertation: Diploma Project: “To Be Brave” Study of Lesbian Activists in the Women’s Movement; MA Dissertation:  “An Inspiring Generation” New Women of Cambridge 1900-1930

Qualification: Diploma and MA

Life after Ruskin


Work: Board Member, Cambridge Housing Society; Chair of Cambridge Housing Society Board 1999-2004

Politics/trade union activity: Labour Party Member to 2003 – rejoined 2012


Place & date of death:

Date of death:
Year of death: 0

Achievements / Publications

Material in archives or already published articles


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Marie Thompson

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