Andrews, Geoff

First name/s: Geoff
Last name: Andrews
Known names / nicknames:
Date of birth: 12/11/1961
Year of birth: 1961

Life before Ruskin

Date and place of birth 12 November 1961 Cardiff
Work Post Office
Politics/Trade union activity Union of Communication Workers (Branch official)

Trade Union membership (at time of entry to Ruskin) ~ other Trade Union

Life at Ruskin

Dates at Ruskin 1983 -85
Source of funding DES/LEA
Campaigns/political activity Secretary of Kitson Committee (at time of  ANC activist David Kitson’s release from imprisonment in South Africa) Subjects studied at Ruskin Social Studies Diploma (Politics and History)
Qualification Diploma

Life after Ruskin

Education University College Cardiff (BA Hons History of Ideas Class 1);Kingston University (PhD in Politics)

Work Staff Tutor in Social Sciences and Senior Lecturer in Politics The Open University
Politics/trade union activity NATFHE/AUT, now UCU
Place & date of death

Date of death:
Year of death: 0

Achievements / Publications

Publications include:

Single authored books:

Andrews G (2010) Slow Food: Una storia tra politica e piacere Il Mulino

Andrews G (2008) The Slow Food Story: Politics and Pleasure London/Montreal, Pluto Press/McGill

Andrews G (2006) Un Paese anormale Rome, Effepi Libri

Andrews G. (2005) Not a Normal Country: Italy After Berlusconi London, Pluto Press

Andrews G. (2004) Endgames and New Times: The Final Years of the British Communist Party London, Lawrence and Wishart

Edited Books

Andrews G, Cockett R, Hooper A, Williams M (eds) (1999): New Left, New Right and Beyond Basingstoke, Macmillan.

Andrews G, Kean, H and Thompson J (eds) (1999); Ruskin College: Contesting Knowledge, Dissenting Politics. London, Lawrence and Wishart

Andrews G, Fishman N and Morgan K (eds): (1995) Opening the Books: Essays on the Social and Cultural History of the British Communist Party London, Pluto Press

Andrews G. (ed) (1991) Citizenship London, Lawrence and Wishart

Material in archives or already published articles


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Geoff Andrews

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